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Your Ultimate & Pro Guitar Tablature Creator!

TabMaker is the perfect guitar tab creator for unleashing your musical creativity. Best of all, it's completely free and entirely browser-based, so you can start crafting your guitar tabs instantly, hassle-free. With TabMaker, you have the power to compose and save your musical masterpieces directly on your browser, ensuring your privacy and the security of your compositions.
Do you need AI for creating tabs too? We got you covered!


Unlock a world of creative possibilities with our feature-rich guitar tab maker, tab writer, and tab creator. Explore our platform's key features, which include:

Create Guitar & Bass Tabs with AI

TabMaker is a free AI guitar tab editor that allow you to create your own guitar tabs and bass tabs. Use your microphone to record your guitar riffs and let our AI-powered feature transform them into tabs. It's that easy!

Custom guitar & bass tunings

Explore custom tunings to match your unique style and preferences, giving you the flexibility to create the perfect guitar tabs for your music Standard tuning or Dtuning or something else? No problem! We got you covered.

Export to PDF, TEXT or Print

You can print or export your tabs to PDF or TEXT (ASCII) allowing you to keep it for later or to share your compositions with other musicians for example on

Share your tabs with a link

Share your guitar tabs with friends or bandmates by simply using "copy a link to share" and pasting the link to your tab. No need to download or install anything, just share the link and let others view your tabs in their browser.

Save your tabulature for later

The app allows you to create multiple tabs and save each version separately in the browser. You can pick up where you left off and continue your creative process.

Play Your Tabs

TabMaker allows you to play your tabs directly on the browser using acoustic or electric guitar, giving you a preview of your musical creations.

Custom keyboard shortcuts

TabMaker is designed to use your keyboard as much as possible. You can use your keyboard to navigate between notes, add new notes, clear columns, and more. There's no need to use your mouse at all compared to other tablature editors like Guitar Tab Creator or TabbyPro.

Privacy Assured

Your guitar tabs are stored exclusively on your browser, safeguarding your privacy. Rest easy knowing your musical compositions are for your eyes only.